Gender Discrimination In Society

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Gender Discrimination in the Private Sphere Imagine a world devoid of duality, oh how dull it would be! Duality makes the various systems of this world organized and characterful. Otherwise, everything may seem insipid. Duality could be in the form of jubilance or melancholy, day or night, success or failure, affluence or poverty or men or women. It is the duality of men and women that makes our family systems complete, resulting in a smooth flow of life. However, there is a unique line parallel to this smooth flow that at times discriminates one from the other. This discrimination is justified by certain biological and psychological differences among both. To Farida Shaheed, a Pakistani sociologist, in "Women's Experiences of Identity, Religion…show more content…
For example, boys are preferred to sleep in places that are more airy and cool. Chaarpais (beds) are placed in a way that males (fathers and sons) get the places closer to pedestal fans. This again puts females (sisters and mothers) at a disadvantage, they do not get a goodnight’s sleep as compared to their counter male family members. Another interesting observation about the discrimination among both is their waking habits. Boys are usually given freedom to sleep for as many hours as they want while girls must wake up early to do the chores. Gharelo kaam has also been turned in to a social construct attached with the soft and emotional side of human beings. It is meant to be the female’s responsibility to prepare and present food to the family members, wash and iron their clothes, and clean the house. In contrast, boys are there to play online games, watch movies, meet friends, or to say the least sleep. Mehman Nawazi is another aspect where the value of a female is under-estimated. For instance, if a girl and boy (siblings) live in hostels, the boy would receive a more respectable welcome as compared to the girl. Excuses are generally given that the boys live farther away from home while a girl’s destiny is buried closer to home. Again, the girl must face the stereotypical discriminatory attitude of the

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