Essay On Water Scarcity

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The Earth is populated by at least 7 billion people. 7 billion people who need fresh water to survive. We might be thinking, well the earth is made up of 70 percent water meaning there’s nothing to worry about. However, the whole 70 percent isn’t fresh water. Only 3 percent of that is fresh water. And even then only two-thirds of that 3 percent is usable since the rest is stored away in glaciers. As of 2015, 1.1 billion people all over the world lack access to fresh water. And 2.7 billion people find water inadequate at the least once a month in a year. Inadequate sanitation from the lack of water threatens the lives of 2.4 billion people because they are exposed to diseases. 2 million children are deceased, every year that the water scarcity worsens, from diarrheal diseases alone. According to world wild life organization by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population might suffer from the lack of water and the ecosystems will suffer even more. We, humans, have been continuously pumping carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. If this persists climate change, which is the main cause of water scarcity will worsen. We use water in a lot of ways, like cleaning, washing, bathing, and drinking. In my opinion, one way we can adapt to long-term water crisis is by conserving water. Thinking of…show more content…
Rio Grande River failed to reach the Gulf of Mexico. It was once a mighty river that is now desiccated because of abuse. The water level in Ogallala Aquifer has decreased to 150 feet leaving farmer’s wells dry as a bone. The depletion of the bodies of water especially in the case of Aquifers is greatly affecting livelihood because without proper irrigation crops will die and infrastructures because as the water leaves the aquifers the underlying soil collapses making infrastructures
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