The Importance Of Habits Of Mind

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Habits of Mind is a new concept that I am just now learning. I find that the habits or practices the experts have identified in our handout are all ones that somehow can relate to a challenge we all may face in life if we put some thought into them. I, however, am choosing responsibility as a habit that I used to I overcome the challenge of accepting a licensed Certified Nursing Assitant (CNA) while in high school. There are many definitions to define responsibility. The dictionary defines it as “the state or fact of being responsible” or the “the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.” Our habit of mind handout describes responsibility as “the ability to take ownership of one’s actions and understand the consequences of…show more content…
While I was a little nervous to take on such a challenge, it was exciting to put my skills to use. My first position was at a small facility where I cared for four to five patients. My responsibilities included providing medication, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring, bathroom and grooming, meal preparation and other activities. While I was up for the challenge of becoming a CNA, at such a young age, all my training did not prepare me for the condition of the patients mental capacity. Oh sure they tell you and even show you videos, but until you experience it, you have no idea just how fragile the patients are or how abusive they can be toward you. The responsibility of caring for these patients can take a toll on you and challenge you to make difficult choices and know when you may not be able to handle a situation without additional assistance. As a caregiver, you can’t lash out when they hit you or curse at you, and at the same time, you want to cry when you realize that this sweet old person will never remember your name or how much their family loves

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