Effects Of Weather Essay

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Weather can affect people’s mood in many ways. Winter in many countries means smaller days, extended nights, and falling temperatures. Unquestionably, the seasonal change has an obvious influence on our daily routines, but the exact reasons why the weather touches our mood the manner it does aren't at all times so clear. Some social and psychological researches shed light on why we feel the manner we do, consequently we can well acclimate our minds and physiques through the changing of the times. One research reported by ‘The New York Times’ says that “researchers who study the causal relationship between extreme climate and human conflict. Whether their focus is on small-scale interpersonal aggression or large-scale political instability the…show more content…
Generally, in the cold season people fight the coldness by extended and steaming showers. For most of us, in cold days having a hot shower is something great that we all love. This may be valued sensation but then its special influences on our skins are terrible. “It may result in dryness of our skins, the itchiness and numerous more skin disorders. Hot baths and showers may inflame our skin, making redness, burning, and even flaking similar to a sunburn and can disorder the skin’s normal balance of moisture, taking the natural oils, fats, and proteins that preserve the skin healthy. Arid skin may rise the chances of infection and essentially cause an over making of oils in an effort to recompense the shortage of moisture” (UPMC HealthBeat, 2015). Another negative habit that may destructively touch our health is that many people forget the importance of drinking enough water in cold seasons. As the climate becomes colder, people usually neglect drinking sufficient amounts of water. Water is so vital for our bodies in all times. The lack of water may cause dehydration illness. Moreover, many people in bad weather prefer to stay in their comfortable houses for longer times, which can expose them to other health dangers. They may do less sports and exercises, which can lead to obesity or weakness of their muscles. Thus, bad weather encourages self-destructive
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