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This is a Kingdom Hearts version of a story I wrote for a competition back in High School. The theme was 'Be The Champion' and it took me a week to think of a storyline. That was why I didn't work on 'Sunset Angels' for a long time. Anyway, It's originally a short story, but I'll add more content and expand it into multi-chapters. Another thing I would like to add is that there is a cliff that overlooks Twilight Town, which is surrounded by mountains and woods. I know the game doesn't show many details around the town other than glimpses of mountain/trees. However, the change is necessary in order to fit into this story. Roxas and Xion and other 2 OCs are the main characters, but I'll put in Sora, Kairi, Axel, Larxene, Riku and Namine too. Don't worry fans, cause I'm a fan myself. Lastly, sorry for any mistakes! I didn't really take a good check. Hope you will enjoy! Disclaimer: I do…show more content…
She pushed the handle sideway up and pushed the casement window opened. Cold gentle spring wind greeted her face, blowing her hair back. She took a deep breath of the fresh morning air and leaned out all the way she could. Her house was the highest building in the area. She didn't live in the town because her mother prefers to live in a quieter place. So, they bought the land on a cliff and built their own home, which was about a 10 minutes' walk from town. Her home consisted of two floors, unlike the riches who have floors up to three or even four. On the ground floor were the living room, a kitchen-dining hybrid room, stairs to the second floor and an office. Her room was on the second floor, which also has the master bedroom, her elder brother's bedroom, and a bathroom which her whole family share. Her bedroom window got the best view of the town, woods, and mountains that surrounded the town. If she has a balcony, she could overlook the town even better. "Ah~ It's beautiful," The girl said in

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