Persuasive Essay On Veganism

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“A vegan diet requires refraining from eating any meat or fish, eggs, dairy products, and all other food containing or derived from animals (including gelatin and honey)” (Vegan). However, a vegan lifestyle requires much more of a commitment. Veganism is “the belief that the liberation of animals and environmental protection is best achieved by a complete abstinence from the consumption and usage of animal products” ( McGrath 50). This is not limited to just the food that a person may eat, but also includes refraining from purchasing items derived from animal products, or that were tested on animals. Veganism, not only ethical and compassionate, benefits one's personal health, and the environment as a whole. Veganism has a positive effect on personal health and wellness. “Most lifestyle diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other autoimmune disorders can be prevented by the right diet” (Velayanikal 1).…show more content…
Researchers from Loma Linda University conducted a study to determine immune status of vegan as opposed to non-vegan adults. Their main concern was to prove, or disprove the notion that vegans are plagued with anemia, iron deficiency, as well as low bioavailability of iron from plant sources. Despite the fact that ten out of 25 of the vegans who participated in the study were found to have indicators of a potential vitamin B12 deficiency, there was no way to prove whether the immune function of the vegan subjects was compromised compared to the non-vegans (“Assessment of Immune”). Plant foods contain purer forms of beneficial nutrients such as vitamins A and C,

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