The Importance Of Group Therapy

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Research one recognized model of group therapy and describe how it would be used in addictions treatment. Any type of therapy can be turned into group therapy. In order for it to be group therapy there must be two people or more. In order to form a group therapy there needs to be two people or more. Therapy groups consist of group treatments for substance abuse, support groups, and cognitive behavioral groups. Groups counseling assist people with addictions. Group counseling provide addicts with support. The group might help addicts with loneliness. Addicts receive positive information from the group. Addicts show some kind of connections and unity while attending support groups. Support groups allow participate to communicate with one another. Support groups help addicts in the recovery process. Some support groups consist of religious beliefs. The goal of support groups is to prevent addicts from relapsing. “Voluntary addiction support groups are often very useful in providing an outlet for recovering or former addicts who have completed residential or other intensive rehabilitation therapy to continue to deal with the issues that led to their addiction”( Support groups can be used in addiction treatments. People with different…show more content…
Group cultures deals with personalities. Each person in group culture is evaluated. They are looking trying to evaluate how the group deal with anger. Different treatment programs offers contrary methods of dealing with anger. Let’s say, Don attends a twelve step treatment program. Don is very angry when things don’t go his way. The twelve step program influenced him to turn it over to his “higher power” According to the book, “ the twelve step model in a group setting may influence the identification of anger as a relapse tigger; member might then be encouraged to “turn it over to a higher power” or put it aside. “ (Myers & Salt, 2007,

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