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Society not only needs knowledgeable physical therapists, but dedicated and passionate professionals as well. I have a strong belief that if one does not have a strong passion for the work that they do then they are in the wrong field of study. Dedication and passion are two beliefs I have that I will bring with me to my clinical placements. Ethical considerations and not discriminating are two of my strongest personal/professional beliefs especially in the clinical setting. I am a strong believer in hard work and have an extraordinary appreciation for the human body. I value my health and loved ones more than anything else in the world. This being said, I realize that not all the clients I work with will have the same values and beliefs…show more content…
I will use these skills along with my communication abilities to clearly communicate with individuals as a group to reach a common goal of restoring movement in clients. I will also be prepared for any medical emergency by applying the knowledge obtained from my health science minor as well as from my CPR/First Aid/AED training. I also have had the unique experience of receiving physical therapy first hand. This experience has given me a sense of empathy for patients and the struggles they may encounter throughout therapy.. Personally, I am most nervous about taking on a new level of responsibility with therapy sessions rather than just observing. Although I might be nervous about this, I feel well prepared for taking this next step to becoming a physical therapist. I am really excited to demonstrate my knowledge I have learned and begin to apply that knowledge to a clinical setting. I also look forward to being an advocate in the field of physical…show more content…
I have the ability to identify where each muscle is located in the human body and from there I can identify each muscles action. I will also be able to monitor clients throughout each session by taking pulse and blood pressure for example. I can correctly measure assistive devices for patients and observe their gait patterns as well. I also have the ability to incorporate different tests and measures into therapy sessions such as goniometry, muscle length, and manual muscle tests. These specific tests and measures will assist me in the development of patient goals and record their prognosis throughout therapy. Documentation using abbreviations is learned information that I will demonstrate and practice throughout my clinical placement. Therefore, the knowledge learned so far throughout the physical therapy program are baseline courses that will be vital in the clinical setting and throughout my career as a physical

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