The Importance Of Government Censorship

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Government Censorship How do you feel about expressing your opinion online? Maybe on YouTube, Facebook or other forms of media perhaps. What if the prime minister made a colossal mess up and said something that everyone would agree should not be said, therefore, any content online covering it was removed altogether. What if, whenever they wanted, government corporations could erase your content from the internet; how would you feel? Government censorship is the online equivalent of having something to say, but as you are about to say it, a government employee walked in and taped your mouth shut. Then told you to shut up and then proceeded to walk out like nothing had happened. Good day miss Graham and my fellow classmates, the subject I am…show more content…
If ever the government messes up these days, everyone knows about it, as it will be in the news everywhere. If the internet can censor the internet, they can censor the news as well. They could take down any information about themselves whether it is false or fact. A great example of this is in china, where the government is doing large scale censorship including blocked access to anything google, google maps, search engine, Gmail, etc. Any other search engines used by us like Yahoo. Amazon is also blocked, along with social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. This is a very extreme example but a lot of developing countries have internet censorship and/or restriction to at least a certain degree. This leaves the people unaware and powerless in what their government does which can have terrible effects on the affected…show more content…
Censorship goes against freedom of speech as, by definition, according to oxfords dictionary freedom of speech is: "The power or right to express one's opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.". However, internet censorship goes against this as one's opinions could potentially be censored or restrained, and depending on how it is applied, it could cause legal penalty. If someone had an opinion contrary to the government, or potentially harmful to their success, it could be taken down or censored. Whether it be fact or fiction or even propaganda, it should not be within the governments jurisdiction to prosecute or censor one's online

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