Giano Cattaneo Case Study

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Giano Cattaneo was a police investigator in the city of Brescia when it did not have more than 170 000 inhabitants. Within the police milieu, he was very well known and respected due to his extremely high success rate in criminal investigations. His work were so well known that he often received requests for a temporary transfer to other cities in Italy to deal with complex cases where local police failed to identify or define the perpetrators of the crime, but his last case was in his working city. The day he received the case he had not rested very well. He was not sure why, he just remembered that he had had a glass of wine as usual before he lay down on the couch. Although he fell asleep, he did not feel that he had actually rested and…show more content…
It was nicely decorated although all furniture was simple. In the center was a three-seater sofa in front of it, a small television with some souvenirs on it. There was also a large decorated rug, but no visible stain. In the corner of the room was a guitar and on the sofa a violin protected by its casing. There were a few replicas of famous paintings on the walls, as well as pictures not so well known which seemed to indicate that she did not only like music but also paintings. One that caught Giano's attention was a picture that represented Apollo, the Greek god of music, playing his…show more content…
The only jarring point was the fact that there was a clothes rack lying on the floor with a few coats around it. Giano decided to then went to the bedroom and see if there was anything there that could help him in the case. In the bedroom, there was only one bed, a bedside table and a dressing table. The bed sheets were messy, but the shoes were still close to the bed. The investigator readily perceives that Agnese must have been frightened by the presence of someone while she was already resting on her bed, which made her run from the place. Another thing that indicated an escape was the clothes and the clothes rack. In her escape, she must have pulled the robe to which her body was found with certain force, causing the fall of the

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