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UNDERSTANDING THE PERCEPTION GENERATION MILLENNIAL TOWARD TRADITIONAL MARKET (STUDIED IN YOGYAKARTA) Over five years, the numbers of traditional markets In Indonesia has been decreased. Ironically, the modern market In Indonesia was increasing fast. This study has identified criteria of ideal traditional market in millennial generation perception. In Indonesia, millennial generation consist of many potential customers with good purchasing ability. Based on statistic data, 44,9 % workforce in Indonesia is millennial generation. Since generation millennial become the biggest workforce in Indonesia, the influential motives drives them to shopped in Traditional markets need to be studied. Through in deep interview with some of participants,…show more content…
The evolution has been characterized by the replacement of traditional markets, small-scale family owned stores. The process labeled as modernization. The central modernization is replacement of traditional markets formats and methods with supermarket (The Ban, 1997 quoted by Goldman et al., 1999). Early in 1990, supermarket such as Giant, Carrefour, and Hero has been appeared in Indonesia’s big cities as shopping place for rich consumers. Then, local markets (such as village markets with wholesale and retail functions) were evicted by supermarket. The rapid rise of supermarket present challenges for small farm, and small processing and distribution firms (Reardon, et al.,…show more content…
Traditional markets become places for small trader, and farmer get together to sell their products. Traditional market include in informal activities, help people with low or medium income to meet their needs. Several traditional markets In Yogyakarta can compete with modern market, and survive. For example, Beringharjo still crowed and become one of the tourist destinations in Yogyakarta. For several peoples go to traditional markets are interesting, so they keep visiting and shopping in traditional markets. However, with the shifting lifestyles from offline shopping to online shopping and also many interesting offering from modern market, the extinction of traditional markets will be held. There are no young people who are willing to shop at traditional

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