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Another message that I took from reading my text is the importance of friendships. This can be seen in the film The boy in the stripped pyjamas through the characters Bruno and Shmuel. They were both young boys when they meet, but the problem is that Shmuel is a polish Jew who is in the Auschwitz camp. And Bruno's dad is one of the newly-promoted Nazi soldiers who is in control of the camp. The two boys became friends when Bruno ignores his mother’s instructions of not to explore the back garden when he came across a barbed wired fence. As he approaches the fence of the camp at the back of his house, there at the fence was Shmuel the boy in the striped pajamas, and there they become friends from opposite sides of the fence were a life-changing…show more content…
Were as Shmuel was lonely and scared, and Bruno gave him hope and someone to talk to and play with. An example of their friendship and extraordinary bond is when Lieutenant Kolter accuses Shmuel of stealing food, "No sir. He gave it to me... He's my friend." Shmuel trust Bruno and depends on him to live and get through the horrific time of his life. Despite the two boys differences day after day the two boys spent hours sitting down on the ground on opposite sides of the fence telling each other stories, having a laugh and just keeping each other company. One day Bruno made his way to the other side of the fence. There he blended in with everyone else. Bruno and Shmuel were finally together. I think that the director used the friendship of Bruno and Shmuel to show us that in the toughest of times the most inseparable friendships can be made, no matter what the differences are of one another. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said "The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship; it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust…show more content…
The Bielski brothers Tuvia, Zus and Asael are Jewish and are on the run from Nazi soldiers after discovering their home had been invaded by the soldiers. They run deep into the forest and along their way find more Jews that have escaped to and need help to survive. Instantly the brothers take on any Jew they find, building friendships and trust between one another as they all want the same thing, to survive. As their numbers begin to grow from moving from camp site to the next the Bielski brothers begin to struggle with getting enough food and weapons for the survival of the hundreds of people in their forest camp. Each person is put to work in the camp doing what they do best to help keep them all going. Through all of this many friendships are made and like Tuvia said "We are family. We have to stick together." They had become one big family and that meant no one would struggle alone, no one would go hungry and no one would be scared. I can imagine how some of the poor children and elderly would have been feeling, moving constantly from one place to another and having to restart all over again. On top of all that living day by day with the fear of when will we be found, and is today the day. There was times when the brothers were not able to save everyone, and when those times came it hit hard. For example when Tuvia puts

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