The Importance Of Friendship In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In this essay, this based about have a good friendship with one and another, a good example of friendship can be based on a book known as “of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. I believe that George was a good friend to Lennie. George is being cautious on what Lennie is going to do. He’s always trying to be sure to put Lennie in the right direction and keep him out of trouble. Even they had to do some unnecessary things they needed to do. Like were George shot Lennie, he knew that he had to do something otherwise Lennie would have got lynched. Somethings that I want to point out is that George is looking out for his physical and mental being. (Steinbeck 6). In the novella where George got rid of Lennie’s dead mouse because who knows if that mouse was carrying fleas around. George also is try to keep Lennie…show more content…
(Steinbeck 4). He wants Lennie to stay with him because he knows that if he wanders off into the world who knows what will happen to him. George is trying to do what is best for Lennie by protecting him. He keeps Lennie from talking so much so that way they don’t end up on the wrong foot with the other ranchers. Even though Lennie was be quiet all the time, George knew that he had to protect them from causing any danger. (Steinbeck 91-92) When Lennie killed Curley’s, George knew he had to do what was best for Lennie, so he shot him. He had to do it because George knew that if he didn’t shoot him the other ranchers would have lynched him. Some people may argued that George isn’t a good friend to Lennie. They might say that George said a lot of bad things about Lennie. George may say that but he knows better than that and besides he does get carried away. They might even say that George shot Lennie because of wanting to get rid of him. Well it’s because he knew it was thing for Lennie otherwise he would have got

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