The Importance Of Fashion Design

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Historically, Paris, France has been deemed as capital of fashion. Fashion trends were an essential part of lifestyle in the early 17th century. At this time, Lyonnais silk manufacturers traded doll dresses cities in France and other European cities. Starting from 1920s and 1930s, fashion became easily copying and unfortunately, this problem continued to get bigger. In response to those extended copies, French law granted exclusive rights for original fashion designs and licensing designs of reputable manufacturers. Those designers were protected by the law of 1793 as amended in 1902, and by the law of 1806, as amended in 1909. Both law prohibited servile imitations which has a great impact on future creativity. Thus, after 1902 amendments, the law extended the scope of protection to clothing and apparel.…show more content…
English law grants protection, as long as, design can be expressed in a tangible form. As a result, design protection finds its root in European fashion capitals that historically grant protection for fashion design based on extension of copyright protection. Especially due to rich fashion history French law served as a model for other European countries. In 1998, in order to harmonize the different design rights laws between European Union Member States, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe adopted the European Directive on the Legal Protection of
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