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Peter Robinson's Topshop started in 1964 before Topshop which is a fashion brand within the Sheffield branch of the Peter Robinson Ltd chain, was established. In 1970s, Topshop become a stand-alone store, and opened a flagship store on 214 Oxford Street in 1994. Topshop targeted fashion-conscious shopper. With its brave and irreverent approach, they major in up-to-the-minute affordable style. Not only their clothes are well known for, Topshop Make Up, Freedom Jewellery, bags and shoes also go deep in consumers’ mind. With an in-house designed line, Unique, Topshop is also the only high street brand to show on schedule at London Fashion Week. Topshop has been the single biggest supporter that emerges design talents in the UK. For almost a decade, the New Generation scheme, an internationally…show more content…
As a fashion retail shop, this scale of is undeniably powerful in the fashion industry. Top shop paid attention and noticed the importance of the digital revolution. Topshop created its website, and it incurs 1.9 million active users a week. An award-winning blog also joined as the Inside-Out and so as a Facebook page with daily updates. Recently, Topshop Tumblr was also launched. Therefore, customers can visit Topshop wherever, whenever. Topshop’s make-up line is acting a great part in Topshop too. Innovative, great classics and fun add-ons, the same principles as the fashion, are to represent to each types of female. Charming packaging with hand-drawn detailing looks out for trend collections every season, where catwalk looks are interpreted. Because of the previous collections included the Bronzed Seventies glamour of Smoke & Mirrors and the vivid, festival-ready Sandstorm, one the most welcome addition to dressing table is the Topshop Make

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