Who Are Nordstrom's Competitors

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To be successful, it is essential for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors. Retailers define certain target markets and to be competitive, they have to offer something different to show their target market that they are better than their competitors. A retailer must be consistent with its overall positioning strategy and provide clear customer values. Nordstrom has excelled at their retail positioning strategy and has become the best-performing retail store. Nordstrom outperforms every other retail company from Macy’s to T.J. Maxx and they do it because they have a clear marketing strategy, clear target market, and have differentiated themselves from competitors. A positioning strategy is a strategy that puts your company…show more content…
The company targets middle-upper class consumers of all genders and ages. Nordstrom’s marketing strategy highlights customer service as their main difference maker. Nordstrom realized that the quality of the service the customer receives is what they will remember the most when thinking back on the purchase of the item. Nordstrom’s differentiation consists of high sales assistance with well training, dedicated staff and a shopping environment that is viewed as exciting and fun. Not only do they provide superior customer service but they also sell quality products and are always trying to improve. Nordstrom has reached out to the technology generation by making it possible to buy feature items on Instagram, and they have also reached out to value oriented consumers by opening Nordstrom Rack stores. Nordstrom does their research on their customers and this research has been taught and mastered by the employees who work there so they can assist them with shopping like no other retail store can do. It has been found that customers like when sales associates guide them through the process. Nordstrom employees can get to know a customer and guide them to a department that fits their

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