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Even though the Pantheon considered one of the best-preserved ancient monuments in the World, Dome of the Rock was built as the first great Islamic architecture in the holy city that last throughout the history with its undefeatable legacy. Its construction, site, and foundation were selected with respect to the holy city that created the sacred space. As the Dome of the Rock still stands today, it successfully enforced Jerusalem with the permanent presence of Islam. With the combination of all aspects of the structure, the shrine was seen as a symbol of the Islam’s effort to gain supremacy over the other. The Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem was one of the most famous and most amazing monuments of early Islam, which is visited by thousands of…show more content…
It was built in the District of Rome in early 18th century. It was unexpectedly stood firmly against ravaging weather and war. The structure is now affected by all chemical waste like fumes of traffic, preference for modern aesthetics of building. The unparalleled design language enforced is not common today and we rarely see it. There have been several cracks in the dome but it is still a class strong and stands solid (Moore). One of the most amazing facts of the Pantheon is that it was entirely built without ant steel reinforcement rods to give it support. In such a scenario it is incredible for a dome to last this long. Modern science and engineering would never have the guts to pull off what the creators did back in early middle ages. Rod reinforcement has become the standard today and the investors and other related staff and authorities do not accept not designing without it. The origin of the word Pantheon is great and it adopts several features form the Great Roman society. It means to honor all pagan Gods of the Romans including particular Olympic divinities from Ancient Greece (Milani-Santarpia). However, Pantheon has never been limited to worship of a Single God or at monotheist development. But the Church has claimed that the holeyest structure of the Pantheon would hold the Pope’s body and Christian should across the world have continued…show more content…
The Dome of Rock on other hand has been the pivot of different Religions and has served as point of power over the vast majorities of land. The Jews believed that King Solomon used to rule the world from his Temple here, Christians believe Jesus was born near here and Muslims while believing all of that also believe in the fact that Prophet Muhammad was taken alive to heaven from this point and brought back miraculously. The place had been declared as pivotal for Islam before Kab’ah and Muslims turned towards its direction for prayers. This location has changed Hands of rulers over time and people of every cult have claimed the right to it ever since beginning of times. The Umayyad Caliphate saw the construction of Dome of Rock on this site which since then have been in Muslim rule only challenged by Jews and we still see the fight today in the form of Israel and Palestine conflict with both parties claiming the right to it. The place with renovations over time still continues on with its importance today and has millions of tourists turn up most of them strong believers of their religions who come to seek the blessing of this HOLY place. Unlike the Pantheon, the legacy of Dome of Rock has been enduring and ever since the starting of times the location has enjoyed

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