Muslim Women In Islam

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It is believed that within our modern society, there are frequently diverse views regarding the status and roles of women. Without a doubt, during the historical timeline and even presently, women play an imperative role in any society. In today’s society, many individuals believe that Muslim women in Islam are subjects of cruel and harsh treatment because of their religion. Some may argue that their belief are strict, insisting that they must cover their bodies, denied education and stripped of their rights. Unfortunately, this has been a problem for many generations. Islamic women have difficulty with inequality and prejudices in different areas of their lives. Women in other religions and cultures are facing the same discrimination. In…show more content…
Due to the change in time women have full time careers. Women’s education is encouraged almost everywhere, allowing women to vast career opportunities. In most societies, the role a woman isn't permitted to advance their intellectual development or self-esteem but often a choice taken from them with restrictions. In Islamic societies, however, women seem to be forced into certain roles and responsibilities. These restrictions often seem to elevate a man’s status and importance in society while degrading a woman’s status. Whilst the Qur'an in the Islamic society states that both genders are equivalent in religious and legal aspect and the two sexes have very different roles within the society. These roles and responsibilities demoted women and create an unjust standard of living between the…show more content…
The Quran considers both the sexes as having originated from one living being and hence they enjoy the same living status as a male. Islam further confirms that both men and women are equal in the sight of God. In the Quran, God declares, “…Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you…” (49:13) At another place in the Quran, God clearly states that all humans are equal: “To whoever, male or female does good deeds and has faith. We shall give a good life and reward them according to the best of their actions.” (16:97). In fact, Islam reverenced women in humanity by uplifting and protecting them with unprecedented rights. Islam gave women the right to education, to marry someone of their choice, to retain their identity after marriage, to divorce, to work, to own and sell property, to seek protection by the law, to vote and to participate in civic and political

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