Are We Are Mask Speech

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ARE WE HUMANS YET? V: "Who? Who is but a form following the function of what, and what I am is a man in a mask. " -V for Vendetta Yes, ‘who’ is just a form that follows the function what, but what I really wonder about is what our answers to the function ‘what’ would be? What are we actually? Because I am sure that we aren't men and women in masks, speaking of what we are in a society and not what we put ourselves up as individually, the above mentioned question should have been answered with just one simple word: HUMANS. What should've we been? We should've been humans. But, are we what we were supposed to be? I kind of doubt. Let's find out by looking into our own vicinity. What do we see around ourselves? The NEWARS residing on the…show more content…
They aren't even candies. Why would we do that? It couldn't have been the case that Ram wouldn't go over to Jesus's place if invited, nor would it be that Buddha would refuse a meal with Allah. So what right do we, the children, have to do so? Why do we have to shut each other out? Why can't we, for once, realize that we are a family and come together to make God proud of us? It was only on the face of the earthquake that hit us on 12/01/2072 that we forgot these differences and came together to help each other survive the disaster. To me, it felt like we had been freed from the chains of discrimination that held us since the beginning of the so-called civilization, even if it was just momentarily. We have been a girl or a boy, a black or a white, a rich or a poor, a Hindu, a Muslim, a Buddhist or a Christian for so long now that we just haven't had the time to become humans. We don't need another calamity for that to happen, now do we? It's high time we rise above these worthless differences and start recognizing ourselves as nothing else but humans. The day we do that, it'll rain. It'll rain for God will cry tears of
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