Persuasive Essay On Photography

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A cross between green and blue waters contrast each other as the white waves crash on the shore, but in the background there is a large piece of metal sticking out of the deep ocean. A roller coaster that had once brought people bliss and laughter is now in the ocean with the ominous feeling of the gloomy clouds surrounding every corner of the photograph. Photography is a basis of knowledge to shed light upon what we know today. We are surrounded by it in our daily lives, but do we really see everything that lies behind a photograph? Photos capture memories and remind us of good times in our lives. However, today, society has turned photography from a tool to capture a memory into a device that is used by anyone who has an expensive camera or even a smartphone. We have altered an art form that showcases the talents of…show more content…
Although so many people can take pictures and call themselves photographers, not everyone is skilled in this manner and, therefore, Susan Sontag’s argument in her book, On Photography, that we can never truly realize the full meaning behind pictures without actually being in the moments first-hand is…show more content…
In 2018, we have a completely different view on the world than when “On Photography” was published in 1977. Almost forty years later, as an audience we have to think about how the world has changed and how photography has progressed. Photography now is accessible to anyone who has a smartphone and the desire to do so. There will be millions of different interpretations of the same place, but a different view. Photography limits what we place into reality and pollutes the idea of even going out and living your life since you can experience it through a smartphone or computer. Many people are just becoming lazy since they can experience whatever they want from the comfort of their

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