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Commercial surrogacy is the process which an individual or couple pay a fee to a woman in exchange for renting her womb and her baby. At birth, the children are turned over to commission parents; who cannot have the child by themselves. Since commercial surrogacy has become popular, the surrogacy business in India collects approximately 400 million dollars per year. It is an important issue because it concern well-being of the surrogate mothers and the children. Moreover, it also implicates the human right of the children. Although legalization of commercial surrogacy can solve controversies that happen to the processes, commercial surrogacy should not be legalized because it is trafficking that children are products, it is the profiteer way that occurs to poor women, and the…show more content…
According to Loane Skene, the Professor of Law and Adjunct, the University of Melbourne, it is argued that in case that surrogacy commercial is disputed such as surrogate mother later wants to keep the child, or commission parent don’t accept the child, legislation would assist in the resolution. This means that legalization will make rules which can solve the problems in processes. It also suggests that legalization can provide third person for judging and solving controversies. However, the history of the children who born in commercial surrogacy will disappear. According to John Pascoe, Federal Circuit Court Chief Judge, it is confirmed that the children who born to surrogates have a right to know their background which can be absolutely lost in commercial surrogacy, so they would have high risk when they have genetic diseases. This reveals that history of children who born in commercial surrogacy are so important for their health. Besides, the children may confuse in themselves, when they are grow up. Therefore, commercial surrogacy has risk for the children’s

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