The Importance Of Education In Education

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Since the beginning of human existence, man has passed on a set of values, knowledge, traditions, methods and skills from one generation to another. Global Perspectives a) Japan Japan is one of the top countries in education2 and elementary and secondary level education is compulsory. From an early age, Japanese children are very competitive and they spend several hours at cram school after their normal school hours in order to achieve this and end up becoming drone. b) USA Throughout history, American parents expected their children to be more educated than they were, but it is no longer true. For eight decades since 1890 America’s education attainment has grown rapidly along with it’s economy. However, from 1990 it has slowed down. c) Germany One in six Germans between the age of 20 and 30 has no qualification and is not in the education system anymore. This problem is seen particularly among young people with an immigrant background where 30 percent3 of whom has no formal…show more content…
Education not only helps individuals eliminate poverty by developing skillful techniques and improve standards of living, but it also increases productivity and flourishes economies around the world. However, using it in a wrong way and educating people in an ineffective way can in fact be the cause of poverty. For instance, if a child in put under an enormous amount of pressure by their parents over their education, this lead to either of the two things - the child becomes a successful individual in the future or, he makes a wild decision to drop out of school and focus on something else that would not benefit him as much as education would have. We live in a world where people follow each other’s actions without even giving it a little thought, and if one person drops out of school and everybody follows, we are going to end up in poverty which may possibly lead to war for acquire

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