The Importance Of Education And Society

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Education is an area that provides to develop person's ability, information and culture in public life. Education is a need so basic and important training that human beings begin to learn from the moment he was born, and this process continues until die; morever,education is a concept that always self-renewing and has no end. Unchanging element in all societies is the link between education and society, if the education level is higher the development of society will become faster. To increase education quality and national economy, there is the opportunity which is established like that. In this respect, Ertek (2006, p.447) suggests that “Nowadays, in most of the economic department in universities, development economy is taught…show more content…
The importance of education is essantial to keep up with the successful doctor in the health field. A scientist who grew up a country by the successful efforts can help to built a reputation in the international area for own country Besides, thanks to education, people can discover own talent and ability. In this respect, Zimmerman and Whoolf (2014, p.5, as cited in Cutler and Lleras-Muney, 2010) reported that “Increased cognitive ability resulting from education contributes significantly to the education gradient in health behaviors”. For example, a professor who got a well educated can find a solution for incurable disease and so that professor provides benefit not only to their country but also for whole world. In addition to all of these, health tourism, specialist doctors and staff offer quality and affordable prices healthcares in a country also, doctors who educated abroad and having many foreign language allows for development of the

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