The Importance Of Education: Everything We Need In Life

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Education is everything we need in life. Are you planning to get a PG degree or to start looking for work? Feel pressured from family to be happily married or rest at home? Confused about studying in part- time or evening classes? Wish to take a welcome break, and subsequently continue?looking to start a own business? Head ache? Nothing to be worried about! Relax; I was also confused once after finishing my UG, read this to get clarity. After I finished my UG I was also confused about what to do next and consulted many relatives and friends who have done their PG. Many instructed me to continue my second degree and who asked me to work were in number. In thinking whether to do my PG I delayed applying for my PG, I consulted with my lecturer and she guided where all I can apply and she shared her experience saying that she had a motto to have a bank balance for herself and only then to get married, so she continued her studies and got a job and worked for a year, saved money and got married. Every parent’s desire is to see their daughter happy. Every daughter’s happiness is seeing their parent’s wearing a dress she…show more content…
Very few applies for doctorate degree 25k students starts up and only 90% of students end up getting a good result. Current population in India is about 1.33 billion but only few are educated people. The statistics are proven. Abdul Kalam’s vision about India in 2020 is to see India an educated nation. Stand up to world and prove that nothing is difficult. We have come across many difficulties, lose your fear. If it is stopping you to get a post graduate degree. PG is a road which will have some speed break, just slow down and climb it slowly to walk into a brighter future. let me ask you a

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