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are at a stage where they have to take decisions regarding what they want in their lives and what is important in their lives. Members of the society must show them support so that they will know who they can count to for that support, as an individual you sometimes need that someone who you know has your back in time of need as well as in good times. We must show support so that they feel needed and by so doing they will know that everything that they do will put the society in jeopardy. They will also see that without them and their knowledge no decisions in the society may be taken. 3. Ideology of school and education Our youth see education and school as two foreign aspects to their lives, this ideology of theirs is the driving force in…show more content…
4. School and society In our society schools are not seen as part of the society. The society must have a holistically relationship with schools, there must be a partnership between the school and the society. As a society we must at all times have that urge of wanting to know what is happening to our youth in terms of education. By so doing we will be able to prevent problems such as dropouts among others. It is important to take into account that not all of our youth is dropping out just for the sake of doing it, others drop out because of reasons beyond their control such as being head of families. Some of our youth are there ones who are parents in their household so hence they drop out because they cannot balance the pressure of going to school as well as running the household at the same time. The society must take a stand to ensure that no child in our society will be head of household; there should be measures in place to help such children so that they can progress with their

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