Narrative Essay About Myself

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Narrative: I first moved to Kansas City, Kansas with my birth father 7 years ago. It turned out moving there was almost as worse as living with my birth mom. I started a middle school that was named Central Middle School. At the time, I had no idea there were more ethnicity backgrounds. Back then, I thought there was only Black and White not knowing how I was taught wrong. When I first walked into the school I knew fitting in was not my style, not even blending in. Everyone already made friends and knew what they were doing since it was second semester in the middle of the year. I stood out like a sore thumb. After gathering in advisory’s, it was time to start the day. My first class was gym class. Like an ordinary gym class, you change your…show more content…
My experience will always be remembered because it was something I went through that was horrifiying. It ruined my entire rest of the 6th grade. I changed after that day. I toughened up as well as not letting someone tell me who I should be or letting society view me as a basic white chick. To be successful in my life I had to find out how I was viewing myself. Now, I view myself as a multicultural person who has experienced more than a lot in life and still struggles to get by. I felt like if I never truly understood myself I would just be like the girls in middle school trying to see myself how society views me. It is very easy to let someone get in the way of your success as a person especially how society views you as a person. The way I view myself is very important to me because it shows I have self-respect and I am one of kind. If I tired to be like what society wants me to be, I would have ended up like my birth parents in the beginning. To this day, I think about what society wants from me and go the opposite direction. It is also important to me how others view me. If I see someone calling me white trash for something I did or how I was raised back then, I will highly defend myself and make sure it is known that I am so much better than someone calling me names and walk
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