Explain Strategies To Improve Communication

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3.2. Strategy to improve Communication Deliver clear message to a receiver: A sender should always care about the message and send the message should be in the proper format to a receiver. It is necessary to make understand receiver about a message. The company can use any format of communication in its organisation. The company can use e-mail and other chat option with their employee to communicate a proper message. Provide Multiple Channel: Company can use any channel to communicate the message with other and company should use multiple channels to communicate with other. TESCO retailer company can use telephonic medium, e-mail, written or any other channel of a medium. Take time to listen: When any communication take place so receiver…show more content…
Many times jargon words and complicated words change the mean of communication. Due to different think of sender and receiver communication provide wrong information for both. It is necessary to use clear words to make understated others in easy words of communication. TESCO retailer always cares about the proper communication to sell its product to the consumer. Maintain proper eye contact: Proper eye contact is necessary to communicate the message. It shows the dignity and proper concentration on listeners. IT is a very useful to communicate the message with others. Company and organisation superiors always take care about the proper eye contact, proper gesture, proper word format to deliver. Communication is the main thing in the organisation. Avoid barriers: An organisation always avoid the barriers of communication to deliver any message in an organisation. Organisation have to face many barriers like the language barrier, political barrier, economical barrier, social barrier and another barrier which directly affect the communication in an organisation. The company always avoid that barrier and make useful communication in the organisation. TESCO retailer has many employees in their organisation so company always face these barriers problem in the

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