Domestic Violence Annotated Bibliography

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Domestic violence amongst queer, transgender, and bisexual people is often under searched and under theorized. Awareness from studies on same-sex domestic violence applies to this community, yet some may not include identities that transcend or trouble traditional sex and gender categories. Mainstream domestic violence discussions, interventions, and social services have sidelined queer, trans, and bi populations, along with lesbian and gay populations. Sometimes to a greater degree. Some community groups have begun to diversify discussion on domestic violence by acknowledging a fuller range of gender and sexual groups that contribute to multiple and experiences of domestic violence. This paper outlines the fundamental meaning of domestic violence,…show more content…
Several studies provide in-depth analysis of lesbian partner abuse, lesbian sexual assault, and battering amongst gay men. Extremely limited information specifically addresses intimate partner violence involving people who do not identify as lesbian or gay, including transgender, bisexual, and queer people. Diana Courvant, a transsexual activist, addresses issues of domestic violence affecting trans and intersex people in her article (1997). Charlene Allen and Beth Leventhal provide articles on battered bisexual women (1999), and Beth Crane discuss lesbian and bisexual women’s rally work in a domestic violence intervention agency (1999). Bisexual men’s experiences of violence are also discussed along with gay men’s experiences and as part of the LGBT experiences in general, but information on domestic violence involving bisexual men is…show more content…
Women were always considered weak, vulnerable, and in a position to be exploited. Violence has long been accepted as something that just happens to women. Violence not only causes physical injuries. It can cause psychological, spiritual, and emotional damages. Domestic violence is a major contribution to the ill health of its victim. These injuries can include disabilities, depression, and suicide. As victims adapt to the abusive behavior, the tactics can a strong hold on their minds, which this makes it difficult for them to recognize

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