Changes Between 1865 And 1900 Essay

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The United States went through many changes between the years 1865 and 1900. In which we believe that these changes is what created and shaped America. Three of the many important changes that the U.S went through were Reconstruction, Industrialization, and the Westward Expansion. Reconstruction is one of the first changes the United States overcame between the years of 1865 and 1900. Comparing the conditions in way people were treated back then is completely different to how society is now. Individuals were being treated based on the color of their skin. In 1866, the Civil Rights Act was passed giving blacks legal rights. Not only that but they passed the Thirteenth Amendment, abolishing slavery, and the Fourteenth Amendment, making freed slaves into U.S citizens. After the Act and Amendments…show more content…
These inventions made work a lot cheaper and easier for individuals in America. In 1844, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. It allowed messages to be sent through a wire. By 1860 they had these wires spreading from the East of the United States to the west of the Mississippi River making news travel faster than it did before it was invented. Making communication between cities and across the country easier and beneficial. Not only did the industrial revolution advance in communication, but also made a dramatic change in production of clothing. Machines were taking over the place of tools. Energy sources were replacing human or even animal power work. It was even allowing women to work out of their homes and into factories, many of the people that were starting to work in these factories were not all skilled. It made the economy grow giving many families job opportunities. The population in the United States began to migrate into industrial cities because of the many work opportunities in the

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