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Being a student of Texas Southern University since Fall of 2013 majoring in Social Work has not always been easy. However, every social work based course I’ve taken since being a student here has made me want to go into this career field even more. Always being a motivation to others, being able to be a good listener and caring for people made me realize that Social Work is the perfect field for me. Although, throughout my collegiate career some of the social work courses have been difficult at times, I have however managed to still fall in love with this field more and more every day. Being a Social Worker is being a skilled person with the desire to ease the conditions of those in need of help or welfare. My motivation to pursue a social…show more content…
Whether it was just giving them a shoulder to cry on, a listening ear, or even just giving simple advice. As I learn more about the field of Social Work, I realize that everything I have had in my heart to do for people will be much needed within this career field. Once you have experienced what it feels like to have no one in your corner or no one to talk to when everything comes crashing down; that situation alone will make you want to be there for someone so that way they will never have to experience the same thing you once…show more content…
Within the professional aspect, I believe that everyone has a past so no one should be judged based upon just that; their past. These few qualities listed are essential for me, because I am looking forward to working with a diverse setting of clientele. Although, some people may be challenging to work with I believe that coming to a conclusion to recommend the right analysis or service for clients based on their specified needs requires a gifted future social worker who is willing to go above and beyond for their clientele. I also find myself to be very determined, hard-working, motivating, and I also take my responsibilities that I am blessed with seriously. These specific attributes are convenient for when I am possibly working individually or even when I may be bearing colossal amounts of casework. My sociable charisma also fits my career goal as a social worker as such when interacting with peer’s and\or clientele is an important aspect of a social worker's job. Respecting communication proficiency, I love to indulge in conversation, I consider myself to be a social butterfly and very

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