Comparison And Contrast Essay On Huck Finn

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The Huck Finn Essay Compare and Contrast Now in this essay I’m going to be comparing and contrasting Huck Finn’s childhood to my childhood. Huck was around 12 or 13 in the book, so I’m going to compare Huck’s childhood and my childhood only up to when I was 12 or 13. Since don’t really know much from before he was 12 or 13, I’m going to go on what I already know or just learned. First I’m going to compare our parents. See now Huck’s parents weren’t always there. It’s like when his mother died and how his father left and left him there to go find shelter and make him take care of himself. Now with my parents, I had them both to take care of me and give me food and shelter. Huck also had The Widow to take care of him when his father left, Huck went to school because The Widow made him, just like mine did. My parents also cooked me food and gave me cloths to wear just like The Widow did to Huck. Huck still went to live with his pap which was only because, pap wanted his money that the judge gave Huck and his pap wanted to get drunk. My father would never lock me in a room and take the key, because I would want to run away.…show more content…
Huck got to go out to go mess around with friends, which I did not. Huck got to go “hangout” with Tom Sawer and the gang. I never really got the chance to go “hang out” with friends after school or the weekends. It was probably because, I had a twin sister, as Huck did not. When Huck went out with Tom and the gang he would have fun with friends and mess around, while I played with my sister and also did everything with her. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved to hang out with my sister, but I would’ve also liked to “hang out” with friends and all. Huck had Jim, which was also like a brother figure while I had an actual older brother, so we kind of had a similar

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