The Importance Of Discrimination In Society

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What makes it okay to be judged based on appearance, race or social status? Well the answer to that is obvious, there is no justification for someone to be judged. As you may have once heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Well that applies to everything in life, including people. Society often has the tendency to do this in many case on a controversial level with people who are famous. Not just judgement of a person but in search for validation of a judgement then looking to a group in the press world. Someone who is victimized by judgement suffers from social prejudice. There is no justification for someone to be judged and its unacceptable on every level. In the article Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public space by Brent Staples talks about his first hand experience of being judged by simply being placed in some of society’s many stereo types. One of the many being that black men are criminals and so forth. He tells the story of a late-night walk where he was first victimized by the judgement of a young women walking along the side walk. It was then that he realized the power of…show more content…
For the most part Staples audience is directed more to black men than anyone else because of his use of language with the given background. His purpose is then to inform his readers of how he handles this situation in a rather innocent way instead of reacting in rage. Although his initial response in how to navigate through society was provoked by fear. Staples later outlines his concerns on how one can be mistreated by society by being placed under a stereotype with no further background on an individual that explains why. Also telling the story of how he endured through such mistreatment and how he reacts to some of the many situations he may be placed in while contributing to
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