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A “Colorblind” Society What is a “colorblind” society? It is a large scale group of the social world that does not see or acknowledge racial and ethnic differences (Lawrence). Some believe that a “colorblind” society is developing in the United States. Race and ethnicity are beginning to slowly matter less. Today is much closer to a “colorblind” society than the Civil War era and the era of slavery prior to it. As a society the United States is slowly becoming “colorblind.” However, a completely “colorblind” society is nearly impossible to achieve; the United States is beginning to blur the lines between races. A great amount of progress has been made since the creation of the United States, but the events occurring in places like Ferguson, that are racially dividing,…show more content…
In order for a “colorblind” society to be brought to fruition many social changes must be made first. A major change necessary to achieve the goal is equal pay and treatment in the workplace, between all races, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities. Also, all variations of membership to categoric units, like race, gender, and class, need to be equally accepted to have a level platform for the equal treatment of all people. Racial and ethnic stratification is the disproportionate allocation of various racial and ethnic populations to particular social classes (Lawrence). All races and ethnicities need to be more equally represented in all social classes. Equal representation in social classes will allow for more equal treatment and view of all races. Other obstacles that stand in the way of a “colorblind” society include racial discrimination and institutional discrimination. Racial discrimination has three forms (Lawrence). The first is using negative words or phrases in reference to a particular group (Lawrence). The other two forms are placing limits on opportunities based on racial group membership and engaging in violent acts against an individual

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