Importance Of Social Media

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Social Media What is social media? Surely everyone knows what is social media. Social media is a network of virtual worlds where there are many good and bad or positive and negative to use for the society now, social media is also a network that is connected from the users of one another that can communicative very easly because is one person is in a different city or country can communicate easly through. In addition to being used to communicate easily, social media can also be used the market advertising for free through social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. In to advertising market, social media can also be used for online business easier with no capital can only through shopee, tokopedia, bukalapak, etc. In the present…show more content…
These advantages can we use to add insight, exchange ideas, know each other’s culture and the characterisrtics of their respective regions, and others. It can also hone someone’s language skills. For example, learn English by utilizing the call or video call. Facility provided on social networking sites. As a place of promotions, with the large number of people using social media, it can be used for individuals or groups working in business to promote products. As a place of information dissemination, up to date information is very easy to spread through social media sites. In just a few minutes after the incident, we have been able to enjoy the information. This is very usefyl for us humans who live in the digital are like today. Conclusion : 1. Good users use social media whitin reasonable limits and not excessive let alone violate the law. Let’s use this youth for something useful, not just for social media fun. Our future if in daily wasted time just to surf in cyberspace. Let’s be sn intelligent generation with social media benefits as wisely as possible. The decision is in the hands of the user. Social media will have a positive impact when used for positive things. Om the contrary. He will become a disease for those who arew not good at using. It as an educated person,
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