Importance Of Prayer Essay

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Introduction The positive impacts of prayer are so powerful that even science has supported prayer through studies. Prayer makes sick people feel better, it makes those who have had surgery heal faster, and it helps lower stress which can cause high blood pressure. So it's no wonder that prayer could be a highly effective weight loss & healthy living tool. Chapter 1: Jesus Is Lord of All As a wife, mom, blogger and a Christian I have always been on a search for how to incorporate more prayer into my life, life seems so busy and honestly there are times when prayer is the last thing on my mind. As an unfit overweight woman I've always been on the search for the next best diet, would always ask God "Why am I not losing weight?" "Why…show more content…
It's not too late to get back. Don't beat yourself up over your mistakes, take time to find what triggered your choices. And try to avoid those situations or figure out how you can be successful in making healthier choices next time, and move on. Don't dwell on the mistakes. Chapter 3: Creating Lasting Results Tips For Healthy, Lasting Weight loss: • Log your food and activity. Apps like Myfitnesspal are amazing and useful. You can also keep a written food log. No matter what you do be sure to track everything you eat and drink. You may not think a couple chips from your sons plate is a big deal, but those calories can add up, QUICKLY! • Be accountable. Not only to God and yourself but to others. Tell others about your goals and be open and honest about the things you struggle with. Have someone you can call if you feel tempted or are struggling. Feel free to find and message me on facebook: BE HEALTHY BE FIT BE YOU • Give yourself a "Cheat Meal". It sounds counter productive but allowing a cheat meal once a week confuses your body and helps curb the possibility of a platue. It also allows you to feel more in control of your choices and helps to plan
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