To Kill A Mockingbird Conformity Vs Individuality Analysis

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Since the beginning of civilization, society has consisted of norms, rules and regulations. The so called "norms" have been perpetuated by a predominant group of people who accept and enforce specific ideas. Evidently, those who do not accept these ideas are criticized and shunned. The actions towards these people, bring up the question of to what extent for we sacrifice our individual values to conform to those of society? Too often for the fulfillment of others, our individuality and authenticity is forfeited. We lose our values, beliefs and essentially the factors that make us unique. How much an individual is willing to sacrifice of their individuality will determine the extent of their conformity to social norms. The literary characters…show more content…
individual. Similar to Jane Eyre and a rebellion against gender roles, Atticus in To Kill a Mockingbird expresses his fight against racism and for justice. Harper Lee shows us the value of equality and justice to Atticus Finch when he sacrifices his individual needs such as the safety of his children and himself for the cause. That notwithstanding he does not then sacrifice his individuality which consists of his values for conformity to societal values. Evidently, the lives of the children are at stake for the greater good of the righteousness and justice Atticus strives for in society. However, as Atticus refuses to sacrifice his individuality, it is ultimately in the spirit of justice, equality and for the children. Lee demonstrates that justice is a privilege because of the prejudice and discrimination. Achieving equality will allow justice to rule. Ultimately we can conclude that Atticus Finch does not sacrifice his individuality for conformity to society but for a society of equality and justice for his children. Atticus teaches Pip from very young age about racial discrimination and

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