The Importance Of Minority Rights

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Every nation-state has some form of minority and majority group(s) present within it, where they are often referred to as minorities due to being an under-represented group while the majority is referred to the group of a larger representation. The majority tend to possess a leading role in ruling and decision-making over minority groups, based on the principle of majority rule, which often leads to the omission of the minorities’ rights because of their status. As such, minority rights should be protected to alleviate the oppression and discrimination coerced by majority groups in a majority-ruled nation-state. Minority groups deserve protection against discrimination through the provision of adequate opportunities to partake in social matters…show more content…
The newly elected President of the United States: Donald Trump has been highly persistent in doing everything in his power to deport ethnic minorities by referring to them as immigrants, some of whom have been in the US for over 10 years with established jobs and families. This has led many people standing in favor of the Presidents’ goals while another majority of people are voicing out their apprehensions and showing their support for the protection of the minority’s rights [2]. This difference in opinion between various groups has led to a large unrest among different groups in the society [3]. As such, minority rights need to be secured to guarantee the views of every citizen is taken into consideration. While the issue of minority rights has been long standing, the debacle has aggravated the situation, making it the perfect representation of why social cohesion in a society is of such importance. Minorities often find democratic majority rule processes to be somewhat intimidating. Minority groups usually find democratic majority-rule processes intimidating as they worry that the majority may use its larger representative power to win elections, followed by taking away the rights of the minority. As the basic rights of minority groups are repressed or overlooked, they would, sooner or later, be reluctant to abide by the laws set forth by the majority, ultimately leading to a lot of social and political unrest in society [4]. Even though the rights of the majority are imperative, the rights of minority groups cannot be suppressed to build a more cohesive and harmonious
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