Examples Of Cross Cultural Communication

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2, Countermeasures: Cross-cultural understanding and communication. "Cross-cultural understanding" is a cross-cultural business enterprise existence, without cross-cultural understanding, there will be no cross-cultural cooperation, not to mention cross-cultural human resources management. Cross-cultural understanding contains two layers of meaning: first, "know the enemy, win". To understand his culture, first Huawei’s own culture must be understood and understand how culture affects employee behavior. This kind of cultural self-consciousness makes it possible to become a reference frame for recognizing the similarities and differences between culture and culture in cross-cultural communication. Second, effective cross-cultural communication, not only to understand the African countries in the characteristics of the background, including language, thinking methods, world Outlook, values, customs and so on, but also to understand the unique cultural characteristics of their respective cultural environment, to understand the environment, the purpose of the impact on both corporate culture, to understand the cultural characteristics of corporate decision makers, the values of both sides, the characteristics. So how to make effective cultural understanding? First, we must understand his culture on the basis of "cultural…show more content…
At the same time, enterprises should establish an incentive mechanism suitable for the characteristics of the enterprise to maximize the enthusiasm of employees from different cultural backgrounds and ensure the final implementation of the strategic objectives of the
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