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Food is a universal love among all. As humans, we cannot survive without the nutrients given to us from food. Present in most of life’s big steps, food causes people to come together. The title of this paper relates to many aspects of The Book of Salt, some of the aspects are the way he cooks, how he tries to understand and feel language, and how he loves men and food. In The Book of Salt, Binh struggles with his expression of love. Being gay during this time was seen as unusual and disgraceful, especially to the Vietnamese culture. He describes good memories which all include cooking and food. Some of these memories are cooking and visiting the farmers market with his mother at a young age, cooking for his “sweet Sunday man”, and cooking for the Steins. All these memories encompass Binh creating food with or for people he cares about. His mother taught him how to cook, and he cherished those moments. The enjoyed those times due to the stories of princesses and princes his mother would tell him. This memory is also when he starts to realize his passion is not for women, but for men. When he cooks for the “sweet Sunday man”, Binh puts his love and passion into his recipes, making the act more meaningful. Also, Binh states…show more content…
Being his first man, chef Bleriot and Binh have a sexual relationship. This sends Binh away in disgrace from his family. When in Paris, he meets a man on a bridge, this man reminds Binh of the man in his mother's stories, because of his extensive mind. The final love described in the book is the Sweet Sunday Man. This man meets Binh through employment. Soon, this professional relationship turns into a sexual and emotional relationship. Through these three men, Binh looked for the prince he forever longed for. Binh experienced melancholy through his experiences with love. He never fully finds a man that meets his standards for the

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