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Food during the middle Ages “Food” one of the two things that all living things in this world need to survive and thrive, but to be able to understand the way us humans now perceive food and how it has evolved and in some ways stayed the same, we have to go back to the beginning. The Medieval era also known as the Middle Ages is an important time to look back on to how food was consumed. Medieval times have impacted a lot of our food cultures, such as table manners and the hygiene of our food. The Medieval period also had quite a few differences in the way meals were cooked and prepared, to the way we cook now a days. The methods were baking, spit roasting, boiling, smoking, salting and frying. The method of cooking actually depended on…show more content…
“Both the upper and lower classes generally had three meals a day"( The importance of three daily meals has stayed a priority to both the upper and lower class now as back then, though three meals a day wasn’t always available for the poor in the middle ages. At times they would eat wasn't much different from today ( goes into detail of the schedule for “Breakfast - Food and drink generally served between 6 -7, Dinner - Food and drink generally served at mid-morning between 12 - 2, Supper - Was a substantial meal and food and drink was generally served between 6 -7 and accompanied by various forms of entertainment". In today’s day and age, people don’t always follow this set in stone schedule as they did back then. Back in the middle ages the strict daily meal schedule determined what kind of food was given during meals and had to correspond to a certain time of…show more content…
Bread was the most important component of the diet during the Medieval era. In the earliest times bread was cooked under the embers. The Upper Classes ate a type of bread called Manchet which was a bread loaf made of wheat flour. The Lower Classes ate rye and barley bread. Rye bread was held of very little value, and it was very generally used among the country people. As well as bread, the people of Medieval England ate a great deal of pottage. This is a kind of soup-stew made from oats. People made different kinds of pottage. Sometimes they added beans and peas. On other occasions they used other vegetables such as turnips and

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