My Interest In Anthropology

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I can be described as a young upstart who possesses knowledge in a variety of fields such as politics, philosophy, business, youth advocacy, creativity and social media. However, my first academic and life’s passion is anthropology. I live and study the craft and continuously learn new things every day. Anthropology helps me understand the world and myself better. Though, growing up, I wanted to be a diplomat and dreamt of travelling the world and meeting its leaders. With an internship stint at Brunei’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade under ‘Department of Politics One’ in 2013, it further sparked my interest in politics. While these are two different fields on a technical level, it is not a surprise that I’ve found myself situated in the best of both worlds at a defining point in my life and career. Recently, I’ve had a keen interest in food anthropology and culinary diplomacy. The application of food fascinates me immensely. I was intrigued by food as a point of entry to discuss about many things – history, media, economy, social change,…show more content…
For instance, in rural societies and tribes such as the Kelabit who are the indigenous people of highlands of Borneo that believes that growing and cooking of rice can only be carried out by women and the cooked food are eaten to provide context for discussion and interaction and then similarly, Kerek from East Java who also highlighted the role of women as providers and makers of food offerings to the gods. Claude Levi-Stauss once mentioned that food can be conceived as a language that expresses social structure and cultural system. Certain food means something to certain communities and it greatly influence the politics of their lives, and my research intends to understand what food means when it’s carried out in a diplomacy
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