Cosmetology And Personality Studies In Home Economics

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Chapter 2 Review of the Related Literature The review of the related literature focuses on the acquired psychomotor skills through deductive teaching approach. It focuses on the students acquired psychomotor skills in laboratory activities using deductive teaching approach those are physical perspective and mental perspective. It also focuses on the factors that enhance psychomotor skills of students those are lecture, demonstration and execution. Sex In this study sex is considered because there are diverse mix of students in terms of their masculinity and femininity in the Home Economics. Male’s and female’s has their own interpretation of knowledge that can affect the result of the research. In almost many of the countries around the…show more content…
In cosmetology students are given rules, facts and examples then later on they will perform it with their own execution. In cosmetology students can develop not only psychomotor skills but also cognitive skills, the subject cosmetology has a wide scope, the facts and rules should be taught for a short period of time and the longer period of time should be allotted for the application and execution of a certain topic and after executing the students can develop and enhance their skills. In addition, the teaching method that can be used in teaching cosmetology is the deductive teaching approach because in teaching cosmetology you are going to discuss first and apply the rules and facts that you’ve learn, after applying what you’ve learn you can Identify your own style in executing it. Cosmetology is suited for those who not just want to develop in just one area of knowledge but those who also want to learn from different…show more content…
In cooking students are given facts, rules and procedures for the product that they need to achieve or made. Students of cooking are given a procedure and the result will be different it’s up to the students on how they put or mix on what’s on the instruction. In cooking you can learn how to make you own strategy to produce a high quality product, those professional chefs have their own secret recipe maybe they are good in making strategy. In cooking we can learn many skills one of that is the psychomotor skills because there is an execution another that we can learn is the affective domain: food related preferences, attitudes and behavior, It was stated on the research by Hersch

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