The Importance Of Consumer Needs

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Need recognition is a stage where consumers start to recognize a problem or need. A significant purchase is triggered by an underlying need. Every individual has a need. Needs may be due to people unconscious mind, physical conditions and also external sources. The need of a consumer is the most important factor which leads to purchase of products and service. There must be some stimulus which will bring influences to the consumer in order for them to recognize their need. Nowadays, marketers do not create needs but they can make consumers aware of needs through different ways .For instant, Xiaomi company introduce the outstanding smartphone which is MI4 that fulfil all the demand of the consumer. Due to the advancement in smartphone, there…show more content…
As an alternative, Xiaomi's real standout feature is the MIUI Android skin, offering a bevy of customization features and it is ridiculously fast in expect of all the changes, even finding it is faster than stock Android that make consumer feel that they need it. A smartphone can bring a lot of benefits to user so smartphone can be categorised as acquired need or secondary need. Acquired needs are needs that consumer learn in response to culture or environment and also include the need for self-esteem, prestige, affection, power and learning. For example, the user can use their smartphone to perform certain activity such as communicate and share information with others through e-mailing, video chatting, instant messaging so on. It is so much convenient compare to previous time when smartphone are not introduced. Therefore, consumers have realize the need to have a…show more content…
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory suggest that individuals seeks to satisfy level of needs before higher levels needs emerge. It is because consumers want to have love, sense of belonging and be accepted by friends so that they recognize smartphone as their needs. Smartphone provide the social communication to consumer and therefore consumer may feel that sense of belonging. Besides, affiliation will also motivate consumer to buy a product. The affiliation need is behaviour that highly influenced by the desire for friendship acceptance. People who high affiliation needs tend to be socially dependent on others. They often select goods they feel with meet with the approval of friend. For example, friend of Alex bought the Xiaomi4 Smartphone and keep sharing with Alex that how good it is and recommend Alex to buy one Xiaomi4. Finally, Alex may be influenced by his friend and recognize the need. Moreover, Xiaomi4 is classified as product-specific goals. This is the specifically branded products or services goal that selected by the consumers. The product-specific goals is related to the social needs because people want to show their status by purchasing something branded, such as the Xiaomi4

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