Examples Of Habitual Buying Behavior

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Introduction The Decision-making process of purchase power always decides a consumer when buying a product. Marketers play an importance role in presenting a product to public. Marketers should understand consumer behavior because consumers are the one who decide the product, project and a company margin. Consumers are the one who always gives marketers hints to determine their segmentation in a market. Besides, Marketers have a long-term relationship with consumers to ensure the products always fulfill their needs and wants, at the same time retain customers in a high expectation of a brand product. From my view, the single working male has high purchasing power compared to other classes of consumer. Usually, the single working male is…show more content…
In this category, most of the products are considered as daily use product such as toilet paper, bottled water and sugar. The consumers in this behavior normally are in a conscious action when they purchase the daily products and they would not compare daily the products. Typically the consumers will go in to grocery and grab the same brand of products repeatedly, it shows that habitual buying behavior. In these scenarios, consumers only buy the products with familiar brand. Bottled water is the daily use products for consumers, the consumers are low involvement in trying new products unless marketer do use the price tactics or promotion trial product tactic. Factors influencing public perception of drinking water quality (Doria, 2010). Dissonance-Reducing Buying Behavior Same as Complex Buying Behavior consumers with Dissonance-Reducing Buying Behavior have high involvement. However, buyers in this behavioral situation believe that the brands are that there are similar or important the at time. Variety Seeking Buying…show more content…
Segmentation or tiered markets will help marketers in identifying their strategies or tactic for Habitual Buying Behavior which could affect their return rather than focus on one tactic. First, marketers needs to understand the local culture or consumer behavior in the market to drive a product or project into a potential return, “think local, act local”(Doug Daft, 2000); for example, soft drinks coca cola tries to advertise their products in the relevant market in Thailand to grab more local opportunity profit in 2007. Their Local social media channel is the main road to promote the product to consumers, it could bring a successful step to instill the benefits of a product to others and try to make turn their purchase behavior. From the bottled water, markets could try to rent some poster machine, road tv advertisement and web ads to draw audience

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