The Importance Of Computer Monitoring

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Introduction Everyone wants and believes that they have a right to privacy. In today’s age, it one of the most essential elements when it comes to personal information. The advancements in technology such as the internet, email, computers, and smartphones only highlight the need for safeguarding personal information from those that wish to acquire information for malicious reasons or personal gain. The right to privacy is the concept that someone’s personal information is protected from public view. The Constitution of the United States does not whole-hearted express the rights to privacy; it however makes reference to the same in a few amendments. There are statutory laws in place that protect health information through the Health Information…show more content…
For example, on many government computers a warning banner will appear that states the medium is subject to monitoring. Through the years, the subject of employee monitoring has been a topic of debate, especially in the case of electronic monitoring. We have all heard the phrase: “Big Brother is Watching”, leading many to believe that they have no privacy anywhere, anyplace, and at any time. There are several ways in which organizations can monitor their employees. This can be done through the use of computer monitoring, which allows for organizations to monitor employee performance and keystroke activity. Organizations can also utilize video and audio surveillance to monitor employee behavior and what they are saying such as a telemarketer on the job that deals with customer service over the telephone. Another is through the monitoring employee email and voice mail, which is not prohibited by federal law or employers. Organizations can monitor email in particular by use of read receipts and receipt…show more content…
However, both employer and employee must understand the reasons, benefits, and the problems that may arise from monitoring. For the employee, who may desire more freedom and privacy, monitoring may cause a loss of job satisfaction, lower productivity, or hostile work environment (Yerby, 2013). For the employer, there have been employees who conduct personal activities on work computers and emails. There have been some that have downloaded pornography or other offensive items, which have become ethical issues that the employee and the employer need to understand as

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