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To some people losing their job seems like the end of the world, but to others it eventually becomes a blessing in disguise. Deciding to study for my future career brought many difficult and stressful situations but fighting to succeed my goal was reached. Working as an FHP dispatcher for 5 years and then losing my only financial income came with its benefits and drawbacks. I in time decided to try and become a police officer, which I then discovered came with major obstacles. Furthermore, through these experiences I discovered my passion for fitness and started college to study Sports Medicine. First, before discovering that I would want to study Sports Medicine I worked as an FHP dispatcher. Through my 5 years working I had reached the job…show more content…
During this time I felt lost with what decision I should make next, until a friend recommended applying to become a police officer. As soon as he made the suggestion I asked myself if I really wanted to choose this career, especially with all the police brutality issues occurring throughout the country. After, I gave the recommendation more thought and though the public had negative views of the police I thought I would be able to do some good in the community as an officer. Another issue that came to thought was if I would be able to survive financially while devoting the required 8 months of police academy training, this was my major worry in this next key decision of my life. Although there were many concerns I decided to try to become a police officer, this choice came with hurdles such as written and physical test that were required. Consequently these test required preparation, while preparing for the physical test to become an officer I had discovered a passion for exercising and helping others achieve their fitness goals. When I completed and received passing marks for my required written and physical test I then applied to two police departments to possibly sponsor me for the police academy, now the only thing I could do was wait and hopefully receive an acceptance

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