Steps In Accident Investigation

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How the facts collected There are some steps in accident investigation. Most of the steps are simple to be conduct. The task that accident investigator will do when accident happen such as collect the information of the case, analyze the case, when the analyzing is finish, they will draw conclusion for that case and make some recommendations of it. The steps look simple and straightforward but actually this step is danger and sometimes is unexpected. Beside, in investigating the case, investigator must be open mind but it does not mean that the investigator can make preconceived or can conclude based on his or her first impression for that case because sometime preconceived may result in some wrong path in the case, and leaving some important…show more content…
The investigator need to examine the side for quick overview, take steps to preserve evidence and identify all witness of the case. In some case, the accident site cannot be disturbed without the permission of the appropriate government officials such as the coroner, inspector and police. Usually, physical evidence is the first thing that will be recorded. This is because there are many item need to be investigate in that site in order to collect the facts for examples are the position of the injured workers during the accident happen, the time of the accident, the equipment they use, materials or chemicals being use, safety devices in use, position of appropriate guards, position of controls machinery, the damage equipment, housekeeping area, weather conditions, lighting levels and noise levels. Besides, taking the photograph of the site can be the proof in settling this case. Physical evidence are one of the important thing that need to be investigate and need to take photograph before all the thing are being moved to other side because when you investigating a case, there must be a proof for further analysis and in writing a written report. Next you must have some sketches of the accident to make some clear vision of the…show more content…
The purpose of having an interview is to give the opportunity to the witnesses in describing the accident in their own words. There are some do’s and the don’ts in having an interview. As an investigator you must tell the witness the reason why you need the information from them to make sure that they not mistaken about the purpose of the interview. In interviewing, you must ask the permission from the witness whether she or he is okay if the interview is record. And when the conversation start, let the witness talk about the tragedy, and you must listen on it without any interfere. Try to underlying the feeling of the witness, and make some short questions only and at last try to close the conversation with the positive conclusion. In order to make the interview session in the right track, avoid any wrong act for example, when the witness is talking about the case, do not interrupt because it will make the witness forget the important thing they want to share. Besides, do not intimidate the witness and asking some questions that can hurt the witness feeling and the most important thing, as an investigator do not show your own emotions because it will make the witness feel uncomfortable of it and lastly never jump to the conclusion before you end with the positive statement because we do not know sometime we need the witness again in gathering the

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