Neuropsychological Assessment Case Study

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Brain injury is one of the most common cases we have around the world; with a neuropsychological assessment, it can help the patient’s recover from this injury. Neuropsychological assessments involves tests of different varieties of cognitive abilities; such as attention, processing speed, reasoning, and problem solving. This assessment contributes important information and results for the patient (Hallett, 2006). In comparison to the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI ) it is slightly similar to a neurological assessment; this allows doctors to visualize the brain activity of the patient in an instant. Moreover the MRI can give quick results that would be beneficial in the treatment for the patient; this is for the doctors to determine how severe the injury is. Furthermore, using the MRI could help distinguish the abnormality of the brains structure (Maura 2006). Brain injuries are usually caused by accidents, stroke and tumors (Ardiniegas, 2005). For brain injured patients, Neuropsychological assessment is better than using the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); with this it would help the patients recover from trauma, child abuse and accidents.…show more content…
Having a neuropsychological assessment can help the patients regain his/her memory from the accident which the MRI cannot do (kosaka, 2006). Neuropsychological assessments can help patients recover in their own pace and in their convenience. Some patients that recover from accidents needs further tests. For example, a patient that takes several tests on attention, problem solving, and language excels but in the test on visual spatial skills like copying an image/ or a figure, or identifying what shape it has fails; this patient could have a problem in the patients parietal lobe (Maura,

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