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Having the privilege to teach my own dance class for the past two years, has made it clear this is the career path I want to take. Dancing is not just a hobby or something to do in my free time; dancing is something to which I want to continue for the rest of my life. I am interested in this course because I believe I can express my emotions and behaviour in movement and stylised work. This is why I believe BA dance honours is the course that I should pursue. I currently take three a-levels, Theatrical Studies, Photography, and Media, all of which will support me in my degree. Theatrical Studies has been the most enjoyable option, and I have been able to grow in confidence over the duration of the course. Being able to perform individually and in small groups has shown the importance of team work but also how you need the self-belief to captivate an audience alone. Photography has given me the chance to get behind the camera, and I have been able to use my knowledge of performing to direct a good set, to produce a professional final image. Through Media Studies I have gained the skills to…show more content…
I have been able to progress in ability and skills, and this has lead to me recently getting a place at Leicester Theatre Group, as a dancer. Over the years I have achieved awards at a competitive level, and gained great knowledge of the dancing industry. Over the years I have studied tap, contemporary, modern, street, ballet and pointe, and am looking forward to gaining new skills in different dance styles in the future. During the last two years I have gained experience by teaching children different styles of dance, at Drummondance. I now have the honour of having my own class, which also involves choreographing the dances for the performances and competitions. Through this opportunity I have held great responsibility, which has given me leadership qualities and organisation

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