The Importance Of Teamwork In Seedfolks By Paul Fleischman

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Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork!(It does, just read the essay) The book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman shows the whole WORLD the importance of teamwork, but he only needs just ONE street and ONE garden to do it. Seedfolks has a large lesson and theme all about being a team and working together as a team (teamwork). It is shown by many characters through simply helping out others who couldn’t work in the garden on their own, they would help keep each other's gardens safe and maintained, and others would help “patch up the whole world”. All of these people did all of this for one reason, gardening. Gardens are a spot many people are passionate for, the only problem was for some that they had the knowledge, but couldn’t do it, or had no knowledge…show more content…
He used these to his advantage to make the team happier, raise spirits, and in general better by talking to everyone and having conversations. This caused people to get to know each other, and therefore, building a better Team. It was that simple for Amir. This next one is my favorite character in the book along with Leona, and he definitely brings the team together (totally wasn’t his job before). His name is Sam. He saw the garden was great, and it was great for the team. The only thing is that he looked a little closer. He noticed that the garden was just becoming what the city was segregated. He saw chicken fences, Blacks there, Whites there, Asians there, Latinos there. The point is the garden at that point wasn’t doing anything new. Instead, Sam used his great mind and did something for the team, almost like a little,or big rather boost in every way. He decided to do the perfect thing of making a competition. You’re thinking “WELL NOBODY WILL CARE!” the thing is that he made it for kids, which gets the parents excited. Ok, well “THE KIDS WON’T CARE” and so Sam gave a cash prize so now he got the kids in on the competition. Just like that he got everyone together. Not only did Sam the Legend get everyone together and NOT separated apart the competition would fix the water problem in the garden because that is what the competition was about. Sam the Legend brought everyone together and got a second bird with the same stone. Those are the players that make the team and bring it all together like

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